Reasons Why Shopify Is A Better E-Commerce Platform

E-commerce platforms play a significant role when it comes to setting up online shops. According to statistics, more new online investors in Australia have chosen Shopify as their platform of choice. That is because; Shopify is known to have numerous advantages especially to newbies who are getting into e-commerce for the first time. One of the essential features of a good e-commerce platform that most users look for is ease of use and Shopify provides just that. Other features that can be of great help when you opt to use Shopify as your platform include;

Good security

Hackers can be any e-commerce investors’ nightmare. That is why most global e-commerce enterprises invest more in their security. One of the best features Shopify offers to its users is free hosting. Shopify will host your shop on their servers for free. The advantage of this is that your store will be hosted on servers that are specially designed for e-commerce. That means that hackers will have a tough time trying to rob you or your customers through your site. Additionally, you might not have to invest in security but that greatly depends on many factors like your country and POS.

Suitable for all kinds of enterprises

A good e-commerce platform is one that grows with your business. In Australia, websites that host their shops on Shopify can attest that they are enjoying a lot of flexibility. The platform is easy to use and is capable of swiftly upgrading with your inventory. That means that it is the type of platform that you can trust for both present and future plans. This is one feature that beats most e-commerce platforms which are only designed to handle specific kinds of inventory limiting them to particular enterprise sizes.

You can sell globally

With Shopify, there are no restrictions to where you can ship your products. However, you will have to make sure that you set up a shipping zone from your dashboard. Additionally, you should take note of the tax laws of countries you wish to sell it. Shopify has default tax settings for different shipping zones. However, you are always free to make any necessary changes if need be.


To be able to compete favorably in the e-commerce world today, you need to make the best choice of e-commerce platform especially if you are expecting to reach global levels in the future. A good platform will save you money and time plus you will not have to migrate to another platform especially when your enterprise grows.

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